Wednesday, June 3, 2009

we got a lawnmower!

I know this doesn't really have a lot to do with our house, but I'm just super excited about this. And, for the record, I never ever thought I'd be excited about something like this but I am.

Jason and Angie (my step-aunt & uncle?)... anyway, they're selling us their lawn mower and weed eater! This was something Ryan and I had been semi-anxious about because we didn't have either one, and we would definitely need it when we move into our house!

They're really good quality, and they gave us a STEAL of a deal! YAY!
(Umm... have fun with that, Ryan) :)
Isn't she a beauty? I think I'll name her.


Kim said...

Enjoy : ) James has truly enjoyed being able to do "yardwork" so I just keep wondering how much longer it will last. But it is "his" to change and make look better as he pleases so it's kinda fun to watch him do it. I am sure Ryan will enjoy as well.

jae lindsay + aaron said...

that IS exciting! :)
I saw this post today:
I enjoyed it, and thought you might looking through these too.

Snow White said...


I've been looking around your site, and we're also starting our home search... can I ask you a question? How much time has it taken to find your home? We are unsure of the time frame!! You can email me back -- my email is attached to my profile. Thanks!