Monday, June 15, 2009

a ball of nerves.

So, it's crazy to think that a month ago we weren't even really looking at houses yet. And now, we close on our very own home in 9 days! Ummmm talk about fast moving! As excited as I am about finally being in a house, I have to say that I miss sleeping soundly and not thinking about money every second of the day. Ever since this all started, I haven't really relaxed yet. I've just been a big ball of nerves worrying that something will go wrong, and somehow we'll lose it all (the house and all of our money).

I know that's silly, but this is a BIG DEAL. A huge deal. We're buying a house. And on June 24th, we'll sign a thousand sheets of legal documentation saying that we are now responsible for that house. And we'll hand over a very hefty cashier's check for that house. I know that millions and millions of people go through this exact life stage, but it doesn't make me any less nervous or freaked out about the responsibility we're about to take on!

I think I'm just ready for this whole process to be over and to finally LIVE in our house. There has been soooooooo much documentation, faxing, scanning, emailing involved with all the mortgage stuff and pre-closing details....I'm sick of it! I'm ready to be in our house and not worrying about printing off all of our pay stubs or signing a gajillion sheets of paper. Ya know?

Is it "normal" to be so nervous about the closing date?

P.S. I don't think anyone hates filling out tax forms as much as I do.


Stephani said...

Yes! Coming from someone who sold houses to new home buyers many many times it is sooo normal. It would be weird if you weren't nervous! But it will all be fine. Trust me:)

Lindsey said...

Aww friend!! I think it's totally normal, I would feel the same way! Praying everything goes well and smooth for you!
And I just adore the idea of a yellow breakfast nook! I always wanted a bright yellow kitchen!=)