Monday, June 8, 2009

the breakfast nook

I'm really excited about our breakfast nook. It's connected to the kitchen, and it's surrounded by a bay window that looks out on to the backyard. Ever since we started thinking about this house, I've been daydreaming about enjoying my coffee and laptop in this room :) I'm thinking I'd like to paint this area (as well as the kitchen) a light yellow to cheer it up... Here are some inspirations!

This one isn't yellow, but I'm loving the Roman shades!

P.S. Just so you can picture it... here's the picture of our actual breakfast nook. Yes, those are Japanese decals on the wall. Don't worry--they aren't there anymore! :) Basically the whole house is currently decorated with a tropical/asian/bungalow look....which will soon be turned into our Pottery Barn-esque look. What do you think about yellow in this room?


Stephani said...

Jen I love that room! You are going to have it looking so cute. I love the look of the second picture down..thats my favorite.

Lauren and Jon said...

I love the nook! I think yellow would look great, what a perfect place to start the day. :)

Becky said...

okay I just realized that you had a HOUSE blog! LOL! What sites have been most helpful for you and where do you start to look..I am exhausted after last weekend...Lordy this house process is wearing me out! Becky