Monday, June 29, 2009

new light fixtures!

Well, I totally had a plan...and it totally went out the window when I saw all the amazing light fixtures at Lowes! The plan was to buy a new one for the dining room and then spray paint the existing fixtures to match it. Well, how can you turn down three MATCHING fixtures for the dining room, breakfast nook and kitchen? You can't... that's how.

Here's the dining room before and after:
before: (click to make larger)...this was her Japanese glass fixture that she took with her.
after: this is our new one from Lowes! (#3 on the lighting post)

here's the breakfast nook:
before: lovely brass.
after: rubbed bronze! much better.

and the kitchen pendant...
before: (click to make larger) brass
after: matchy matchy!

It's amazing how lighting can TOTALLY change the look & feel of a home!


Katie said...

lighting is such a simple touch that can make the house feel so much more updated, great choices!

Stephani said...

They all look so good!!