Friday, June 19, 2009

the walk through

Last night's walk through went really well! We didn't find any issues at all, and it was really fun to walk around and imagine what our furniture will look like! The seller was there, and she graciously showed us all of the landscaping, hot tub, sprinkler system, etc. so we'd know how to do everything. She is this really cute little old lady, and she said that she knows "the house will love us" and she was so excited that we'd be starting our lives together in that home. She said that the house has seen a lot of love and she hopes we can continue that tradition. :)

She told us all about the neighbors (there is a young couple with 2 very young children living next door!), and she left us a ton of information about the house. It was really great to talk with her, and I'm so thankful we have such a nice and welcoming seller to deal with. I know most people don't even meet the seller when they're buying a home, but I'm glad we did!

We were so encouraged after the walk through, and it made everything we've been going through totally worth it! I had forgotten how much I loved the house, so it was good to get a reminder! :)

Now I just have to finish packing... woohoo! :)


Katie said...

I'm gald it went well!

Stephani said...

Im so happy for you!