Tuesday, September 30, 2008

price comparisons: JCP vs. PB

Okay, just to further my point (see post below), lets do some price comparisons shall we?

Pottery Barn's Price: $1,499
JCP's Price: $149.99 (um hi. 90% cheaper)

shout out: JCP's Linden Street Collection

Y'all know my love of the JCP, and this new collection is one of the reasons! Linden Street is my new favorite, and I'm loving the general "warm & cozy" feel. It looks a lot like Pottery Barn's style, yet the prices are much MUCH better! (And after working for JCP, there's no way I could pay PB's prices when I know how good JCP's are!)

Here are some warm & cozy pictures of the collection:

I love this bathroom!
Yes, I know I'm a little biased, but come on... this stuff is cute right?!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

must have & in my dreams: BIG closet

Taking the lead in the poll, 46% of you said that you must have a big closet. I couldn't agree more. And I think the hubs would agree after spending the last 6 months cramming his stuff into my already full closet :) [side note: I may be unrealistic to hope for ALL four of the poll's big must haves in our future home...But maybe I can sacrifice a big backyard for a medium one... Scout's little, right?]

Anyway, here are some closet inspirations. Notice that most of them are uber organized which is just how I like it!!
From Sex & the City... not too shabby.
I guess I have to post a "manly" closet for the two male readers (Hubs & Jeff). Gotta have the animal-print rug though right? :)
And lastly...Mariah Carey's closet. Ohh what a dream it must be....

Girls... you with me?! Gotta have the closet!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

uh oh...

Pottery Barn has their Fall decor up... enough said.

Enjoy the goodness :)

Fall is SO my favorite season.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

comparing tastes: kitchens

It's no secret that Ryan & I have our own tastes when it comes to home design. We definitely agree on things (such as wood floors, granite, backyard, etc.), but of course we can't agree on everything, right?

For example... Ryan's taste in kitchens is more of a dark, rich look like this picture with pretty cherry cabinets and earth-toned granite counter tops.

My eye (as I'm sure you've gathered by now) is more drawn to the light, bright & airy -- yet cozy -- feel of a white kitchen.

Thoughts?? What style would YOU lean towards more in a kitchen?

in my dreams: infinity pool

So maybe in about 40 years when Ryan and I are millionaires, we can get our billion dollar home in the hills of some foreign town...and then we can have our amazing back porch that looks out onto a pool like this. Ah... Let's have a pina colada with that, por favor.

just for fun: creative staircases

I found these different staircases from this website, and couldn't help myself. My favorite is the slide...who wouldn't want that?

good for organization... especially for our huge shoe pile

might be a little difficult in the mornings...

very interesting...

stairs on a bridge?

again, who wouldn't love this?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

today's crush: organized pantry

Found this on the Container Store's website... Wouldn't it be lovely?
(Again with my yellow craze.)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

in my dreams: secret passageway!

Remember in those old mystery movies when the detective would pull a book on the bookshelf, and all of a sudden a secret door would open to a secret room? Remember growing up wishing your house had a secret passageway that you could hide in? Well, there's actually a company that specializes in building secret passageways in homes! Ummm yes please. How cool would that be? Best hiding spot. Ever.

Click here to see the photo galleries... Crazy!

fall porches

Oh, to have a porch of our own... Those of you with porches should not take this for granted! Put out a little pumpkin for me this Fall, since I can't do it myself :)

This one's a little out of place, but I'm just in love with those fall leaves changing! Why, oh why, do Texas leaves wait to change until December-January!?