Monday, June 22, 2009


Well our closing date got delayed. Instead of being on Wednesday, it's now "hopefully" Thursday. Apparently "this happens a lot" in this process, but that doesn't change me being annoyed! It's for reasons that are totally out of our control, which is frustrating because if I was in control, we'd be done by now! I'm so ready to have all this junk done. This is definitely my least favorite part of the home buying process. All this waiting, paperwork, terms I have to strain to understand, etc. ANYWAY, if y'all could please pray that everything goes smoothly and that we'll be signed, sealed & delivered on Thursday, that would be GREAT!!

Thanks, friends :)


jr&chels said...

It happened to us, too! Our closing date was pushed back a week... and then three more days. It was awful!

And we had everything already on the truck the second time it got moved! But we have wonderful friends (Erin and Jeff included!!) who were ready to help load, unload, and then load and unload again!

Everything will work out... I understand your frustration, though!

jae lindsay + aaron said...

aww, that happened to us too, it was pushed back two weeks. :( I know how it is to have your "timeline" of things all planned out. So aggravating!