Wednesday, September 3, 2008

would love: front porch (with a swing!)

Although I would love to put this on my "must-have" list, I know it wouldn't be a deal breaker if we fell in love with a home without it. BUT! Someday, in our dream home, I would love a big front porch where we could sit in rocking chairs or (better yet) a bench swing! When I was young, my dad and I would sit out on our front porch and watch thunderstorms passing by... Ahhh I'd love to do that again someday.

So with that, here are some delightful porch swings :) Enjoy.

Ahh... Fall weather... we're so close! Don't you want one!? :)


mnk ♥ said...

this is so obvs, jen :) what southern girl wouldn't LOVE a huge front porch with a bench swing? props to you.

Jeff said...

the porch swing is a must have