Tuesday, September 2, 2008

in my dreams: white kitchen

Obviously a kitchen like this would be filed under the "in my dreams" category :) Who knows... maybe someday. I know white can sometimes be considered cold and lacking a certain cozy feeling, but sometimes it's just so clean and fresh. I love, love, love this white kitchen. I especially love the glass cabinets and the abundance of natural light (my absolute MUST-have).

p.s. If you haven't guessed yet... I'm semi-obsessed with kitchens.

**Note: When the hubs saw this post during our lunch break, he just said "No, no, no, no NO! I hate white kitchens!!" Oh well... A girl can dream.**


mnk ♥ said...


Vanessa said...

I share your obsession with kitchens- and I also am obsessed with white kitchens.

Vanessa said...

-just ask my husband