Thursday, September 4, 2008

in my dreams: craft room

So, the other day when I was wrapping my mother-in-law's birthday present on the floor of our sunroom, I said to Ryan, "You know...Someday I'd like a whole room that's totally devoted to gift wrapping, scrapbooking and anything else crafty." To which he gave a little chuckle and said "Okay...sure." I doubt I could ever have this, but it's fun to dream. I feel like only millionaires with 7 bedrooms can afford to have a whole room completely devoted to crafts. Really? I know that no matter how many bedrooms we have, all of them will probably end up storing all of our junk...oh and our kids' junk too :) Hence, why this is filed under the "in my dreams" category.

I think it all started with a trip to Container Store... I could spend allll day and allll of our money in that awesome organizational heaven. When I came home, I did a google search for craft rooms and found some really inspring stuff. P.S. Does anybody else share my unhealthy love for Container Store?


erinleigh said...

So, I've been thinking maybe you and Ryan should take a little vaycay in January. Where you ask? Well, I've heard Northern Iraq is quite the winter get away. Really, what I'm thinking is that I'm going to need some SERIOUS 'home-making' help when we move there and I can't think of anyone better than YOU! Annnnd Jeff & I would love the company... so, just throwing that out there. Think winter get away in the mountains... we can fly through Egypt or Turkey to get there eyyyy? I'll let you think about it.... =)

SMB said...

My mom has a craft room. Used to be my sisters room. She moved out and my mom turned it into craft room, just thought I'd let you know your dreams are realistic, just give it a few years :)

Sophie said...


Thanks for linking to my blog.
Your blog is very beautiful, did you design it? I love your header and the background fabric.
Drooling over these craft rooms...