Wednesday, September 10, 2008

in my dreams: secret passageway!

Remember in those old mystery movies when the detective would pull a book on the bookshelf, and all of a sudden a secret door would open to a secret room? Remember growing up wishing your house had a secret passageway that you could hide in? Well, there's actually a company that specializes in building secret passageways in homes! Ummm yes please. How cool would that be? Best hiding spot. Ever.

Click here to see the photo galleries... Crazy!


Karen Solomon said...

When we moved to the house in Plano that we lived in when you knew me, we ALMOST! moved into a house that had a secret passasge way. No joke. I was sold on the house without seeing anything else, but unfortunatly someone had already put an offer in and the lady showing the house didn't know, so we couldn't buy the house!

Jeff said...

I need a couple of these!!!