Wednesday, September 17, 2008

comparing tastes: kitchens

It's no secret that Ryan & I have our own tastes when it comes to home design. We definitely agree on things (such as wood floors, granite, backyard, etc.), but of course we can't agree on everything, right?

For example... Ryan's taste in kitchens is more of a dark, rich look like this picture with pretty cherry cabinets and earth-toned granite counter tops.

My eye (as I'm sure you've gathered by now) is more drawn to the light, bright & airy -- yet cozy -- feel of a white kitchen.

Thoughts?? What style would YOU lean towards more in a kitchen?


Karen Solomon said...

Sorry to say but I agree with Ryan. I have always loved the dark look, and white scares me because I would hate stain or ruin it.

erinleigh said...

I too have to agree with Ryan. I love your white look - but for MY kitchen, it would get way too dirty!!! But, I also just love deep, rich colors. So, maybe you guys could compromise and make sure you have lots of windows in the kitchen so it will still be really light even if the colors are darker?

Matt and Courtney said...

i would have to go with ryan!

Jeff said...

I am going with Ryan too. How come "his" kitchen only got 1 picture?

Jen and Ryan said...

well it obviously didn't hurt his chances of winning, now did it?! :)