Wednesday, September 24, 2008

must have & in my dreams: BIG closet

Taking the lead in the poll, 46% of you said that you must have a big closet. I couldn't agree more. And I think the hubs would agree after spending the last 6 months cramming his stuff into my already full closet :) [side note: I may be unrealistic to hope for ALL four of the poll's big must haves in our future home...But maybe I can sacrifice a big backyard for a medium one... Scout's little, right?]

Anyway, here are some closet inspirations. Notice that most of them are uber organized which is just how I like it!!
From Sex & the City... not too shabby.
I guess I have to post a "manly" closet for the two male readers (Hubs & Jeff). Gotta have the animal-print rug though right? :)
And lastly...Mariah Carey's closet. Ohh what a dream it must be....

Girls... you with me?! Gotta have the closet!!


Elaine said...

Is it just me, or is Mariah's closet full of lingerie and high heels only?

I think Carrie's closet has got to be one of the best though...esp if it comes with the Manolos!

Sophie said...

I wonder if Mariah's closet is bigger than our whole apartment. I think it should be illegal for one person to hoard so much money.

Hooked on Houses said...

I do love a good closet, and these are all fabulous! Maybe I should be a big chandelier in mine like Mariah's. (My husband would think I'd lost my mind.)

I've had so much fun reading your blog today (love the name "The House Itch"). Thanks for leaving a comment on mine and introducing yourself! -Julia :-)

Hooked on Houses said...

Or maybe I should PUT a big chandelier in mine instead of BEING one. Oops. That's why I should always reread what I typed BEFORE hitting "Publish." Ha. -J :-)