Monday, September 8, 2008

in my dreams: luxurious spa bathrooms & showers

So yesterday while eating lunch after church with Ryan, I got a random text from Jeff saying, "I like bathrooms and showers. When is that post going to be up?" So here we go...a few AMAZING in-my-dreams bathrooms followed by some pretty incredible showers.

Again (as with the kitchens), I'm drawn to light & airy colors like this:
And who wouldn't love a view like this?
I also really like old-fashioned bathtubs like this one:
so charming!!

And now for some modern (or "manly") bathrooms:'all have to click on this picture to see it full-size. What a dream!!

Okay.. I found some really cool showers.
Lacking privacy, but still super cool:Now THIS is a man shower:Lastly...CHECK OUT that faucet!!
...oh... in my dreams :)


Jeff said...

Awesome! I love the all tile shower! I also like the second picture from the top a lot! Great Post!!

Karen Solomon said...

I love the bathroom with the dark wood lodge looking feel!

erinleigh said...

I'll take bathroom number 3 please, with the tub in the picture under it and the faucet in the last picture.