Thursday, August 6, 2009

pictures around the house...

the vines on our arbor are blooming!
and so are the beautiful flowers by the fountain...
i bought some little fake apples at target for $1...
they add a little more color.
and some pears for $1, too.
they add that green color i was needing without buying fake plants :)
scoutie's enjoying the window.
i can't STAND those bamboo panels any longer!
the living room view from the dining room.
not a huge fan of the fan but it's expensive and very level...ah well.
the guest bathroom so far. my dream is to paint the cabinets white and add some pretty new hardware but we'll save that battle for later.
and there was your little mini tour! :)


Katie said...

i love the glass lamp in the living room!

Lindsey said...

Your home is gorgeous, I love your style!!

Anonymous said...

Living room is coming along nicely. You've got your focal point established, accessories are complementary, and it sure looks like a comfortable hang out.

What are your plans for the windows?