Sunday, August 30, 2009

our sad bedroom.

exhibit a:
notice the icky bamboo panels, the blank walls, lack of bed frame or matching nightstand.
and here we have more icky bamboo panels, a full-length mirror on a box, mismatched dressers, and a way-too-small tv that looks miniscule when sitting on the bed.
and here's a close-up of how i wait for weeks before hanging clean clothes up.
ryan's "night stand". or other people call it a stool.
my nightstand and fan on a stool. we are classy!

just keeping it real! can't wait for matching furniture!


Katie said...

did you push the TV back for this picture? last I remember it was sitting in the middle of the room haha

Anonymous said...

Your bedroom is gigantic! I'm jealous. You certainly can do a lot of creative things with all that space.