Tuesday, August 4, 2009

patio furniture.

Did you know that patio furniture is really expensive? I had no idea. That's been probably the biggest shocker to me as of late. I had originally thought that for a really good 5-piece set (table and 4 chairs) that it would be around $100. And it would look like this:
Ummm yeah... this one is $1000.
Two words: holy crap!

Have I been hiding under a rock my whole life? How did I not know that patio furniture is REALLY expensive??

Even Walmart is selling this set for $399--way more than I was prepared for!

Thankfully there is a place called Garden Ridge.
I made Ryan meet me after work yesterday, and we walked around looking at patio furniture for a good hour because...all of their outdoor stuff was on major sale!!!
We found this basic black wrought-iron set for only $99!!!
It's perfect for right now...I just wanted SOME kind of seating outside since we have such a nice backyard, and we are out there every night with Scout. So, for right now, this is a great little set that will provide some seating without breaking the bank!

AND Garden Ridge is having a 50% off sale on all their outdoor cushions, so I'm going back today after work and purchasing 4 cushions for a great price!

AND their umbrellas are only $6!! May be purchasing one of those beauties too :)


Lindsey said...

Good deal!!! We went through the same shock when we got our patio set (on clearance at Dick's for $70) but I could not believe how expensive it is!

jae lindsay + aaron said...

I know! It's like, hey, this stuff is going to sit out in the rain. and get dirty. ?!
Thanks for the Garden Ridge news.
My dad said Lowes & HomeDepot have really great sales come fall on all the outdoor stuff, for anything that can wait a while.

I really do love your blog and all your pics and all your hints! Thanks for sharing. :)

Stephani said...

you are so funny..
We still dont have a "nice" patio set after almost 6 years of living in our house. But if our backyard was as nice as yours I would definitely have to splurge! Our backyard is kind of on a hill, not fenced in, etc... enjoy your garden ridge set..it looks nice!

Katie said...

I feel the same way! I started researching patio furniture before we moved, and I was shocked to see how much it was!

Sarah said...

Like the others, I had no idea patio furniture went for such high prices! But, thanks for the Garden Ridge tip... we're hoping to catch some "end of season" deals. :)

p.s. I saw that y'all went to Tomball...that where I'm from! My parents still live there--actually closer to Cypress & Klein than downtown Tomball-- but I graduated from high school from THS.

Andry said...

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