Tuesday, August 11, 2009

light & airy guest bedroom.

We may be having someone stay with us in a few weeks(!!!)...but there's a tiny problem. Our guest bedroom currently looks like this:
Yep, there's not a thing in there besides that shelf. My full-size mattress & box springs from college are at my dad's house, so once we move that to our house at least she'll have a place to sleep. :) But I'd really like to make it as inviting and comfortable as possible (not just a mattress on the floor).

This is a really exciting time because we can totally decide how we want to decorate each room. Part of me wants to have the guest bedroom be very light & airy... with whites and blues and all light colors with a padded headboard and sheer curtains. The other side is thinking more cozy, warm with lamps, quilts, etc.

But for now, here are my light & airy inspirations:
I may post my cozy/warm guest bedroom inspirations later. Until then, would YOU want to sleep in these rooms??


Adventures in Newlywed said...

LOVE light and airy!!! And I bet I know who your guest will be... :)

Katie said...

I love the first bedding! It is so puffy!

Stephani said...

I love both light/airy/ and cozy/warm....but light/airy is my fave

allie-mac-fallie said...

I say go for the light one... but of course that would be because thats how I'm doing our room- light light blue walls- white down comforter and decorative pillows. check! i love the first pic with the window and all :)

Karen Solomon said...

I think it will be beautiful even if it is mattresses on the floor!

THE Stephanie said...

Absolutely love the first pic!! You should totally do that... I mean, if you have an endless budget. :)