Thursday, March 25, 2010

the nursery!

Haha... I bet y'all are confused.

We are a WHILE away from reproducing, but is it weird that I already know what I want our nursery to look like??? I mean... I have already PLANNED it. Am I crazy?

here is the (surprisingly) gender-neutral bedding that I LOOOOVE.

just check out this adorable mobile.
this is the paint color. yes, i'm insane.

...and i'm in love with this print that I'd get framed.

these are just IDEAS, people.
(mom & dad, no gossiping please.)


jae lindsay + aaron said...

wow. so I just asked my husband last week - "So, is it wierd that I've already picked the colors for our [future] baby's room...?"

Thankfully, he played along with me and asked "What's that, [dear]?" ...instead of running from the house...

You are SO not the only one. and you've offered a little more sanity to my very preemptive paint [and yes, bedding] selections.

and, that is ADORABLE, by the way.

Kim Russell said...

It's kind of funny, but those are the same colors as your room when you were a baby. It was yellow and blue gingham checks. So cute. :)

Mrs. Dew said...

SO cute!! I can't believe that is from JCP!!!

Katie said...

Cute!! I think it is just like our wedding day, we all know in the back of our minds what it will look like :)

Will and Vanessa said...

You are brave to post this! I always bookmarked ideas I liked, but now that I am three months away (and no nursery to plan), I am not sure what I am doing!

Though I LOVE the birds (I am a bird fanatic), does Ryan think birds are gender neutral? He seems to have so many opinions about white kitchens and distressed furniture.