Monday, March 8, 2010

the breakfast nook project

Okay, my next order of business is to update the breakfast nook a little. We've done absolutely NOTHING since we moved in.

This table belonged my grandmother (Mimi), so it's sentimental, but I'd like to refinish the whole thing to a dark brown... My first choice would be to paint it white and do some distressing but Ryan has a major problem with white furniture. Go figure.. Regardless, I'm not a huge fan of the current hunter green legs and the light wood top.

The valances were left here by the owner. While I think they fit the windows nicely, we're not crazy about the Asian-style print, and we think we could do better. I'm thinking a dark red color with a pattern?

The bamboo blinds will stay, I'm pretty sure. I actually don't hate them on these windows...

A rug is in question. I think the room is big enough that it could use a rug under that table, but Ryan thinks rugs in the kitchen are weird.
So vote in the poll (on the right) about whether you think we need a rug or not.
Your vote will seriously help this debate!!!!


jrandchels said...

I think a rug would look great under this table! Do it! :)

Lauren and Jon said...

I think a rug would look great! I eventually want to get a rug to put under our kitchen table as well. I think it makes the eating area more cozy. :)

Katie said...

an area rug under the table would look good!

Will and Vanessa said...

The rug will help make the nook more cozy. I also agree with staining the table- you need to work on Ryan and his hater attitude towards white kitchens....