Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the finished guest bedroom.

Remember what it used to look like?

Well, take a look at this little beauty.
I absolutely LOVE the way this duvet set (from Target) turned out!

I got the lamp shade for $6 at Ross, and the base for about $20 at Target.
Also, those flowers are picked from our yard. How domestic! :)
I'll post pictures later of the mirror my mom and I refinished and then hung in this room.
It looks perfect in there! Everything is really coming together! :)


Glamorous Newlywed said...

Beautiful! And it looks even better in person :)

Katie said...

looks great!! I think that was a good choice on the duvet

Demara said...

I think it looks great!! But albeit it FEELS even better :))

Stephani said...

looks so good! love the duvet!!