Saturday, September 12, 2009

DIY: mirror refinishing project

A couple weeks ago my mom called me and asked if I would want one of her old mirrors... She said if I didn't want it, she'd just give it to someone. So I said heck yea!
Nice big mirror huh? Wasn't crazy about the gold finish, but Mom saved the day!
She brought some supplies for refinishing the mirror and making it look like silver. So we got to work. And by "we" I mean Mom did all the work while I took pictures :)
Here's Mom rubbing the silver rub-on stuff on the mirror...
Starting to look more silver...
There's the crafty mom, herself.
The finished product!!! There's still some gold peeking through which is what I wanted :)
Looks perfect in the guest bedroom!
For those of you wondering what product we used, it's a little tube called "Rub-n-Buff" and we used the Silver Leaf color. A little goes a LONG way. That whole mirror took up barely anything from the tube.
There ya go! :)


Katie said...

great job ladies!! it looks perfect in the guest room!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

That looks really good. I love DIY projects!

Stephani said...

That looks great Jen!

Demara said...

Hmm...this is VERY interesting...THX for the tip! LOVE THE *NEW* mirror ;) Can I come stay in your guess room? hehe