Monday, July 27, 2009


Breaking news: Ryan has agreed to let me paint!!! Here's the plan:

I would eventually like to paint the "big room" which is the entry, living and dining room...(all of these have the same connecting walls, and it would look really weird to paint one and not the other). However, I'm thinking I should start with a smaller room first to get my feet wet--not literally. No paint on the feet please.

So, maybe our bathroom? I'm wanting this color basically throughout the whole house...with the exception of the kitchen. It's called "Tobacco Road" and it's perfect for creating a warm atmosphere, making molding stand out, and without being too dark.

Here are some examples of rooms using "Tobacco Road".

Now imagine this color in our bathroom:
*YES, we are putting tile in the bathroom eventually.


Stephani said...

Love the color! I think it will look great!

Meagan said...

I think it will look really nice!

Katie said...

love the color!!

Will and Vanessa said...

Great Color! Can't go wrong with this one...

Lindsey said...

Def love the color!!! And so jealous of your gorgeous bath tub!=)