Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So, what is your stance on fake plants for decor? I've always been a bit against it... HGTV pretty much drills it in your head that they are "tacky" but I keep seeing design blogs that have some fake greenery! I'm thinking that may be exactly what my shelves are needing--a little color.

see, these are my shelves on the jcp website. there's greenery!

set of 3 ball plants from target? jeez--$129.99???
ivy ball topiary from walmart?
potted grass from c&b?
potted wheat grass from amazon?
any other ideas where to find these?


Katie said...

I think the color would be a great touch!

julie said...

I think the color is a great idea! Is there a reason why you want fake and not real?

Lindsay said...

I am for faux plants. As long as there isn't a ton of fake ivy everywhere a little fake green can help!

Adventures in Newlywed said...

I like the ones from target... sadly they are the most expensive :( A little fake greenery is good, just not too much :)

Karen Solomon said...

I like the fake green. Fake flowers have a hard time looking real, but cute small fake green plants can look real. (only problem with fake I have had is that you have to remember to dust them)

Caroline said...

I have been looking for these book shelves. Thank you!!!