Wednesday, May 27, 2009

hummingbirds & butterflies.

We're in the process of getting the seller to give us instructions on how to keep her gorgeous landscaping looking beautiful. Yesterday at the inspection, I got the chance to take more pictures of the front and back yards. The seller showed me her hummingbird feeder that she's leaving with the house, and there were actual hummingbirds buzzing around it! Gorgeous! Also, she had some plants that attract butterflies, so I literally felt like Snow White in the pretty meadow with butterflies and hummingbirds! :)
I can't wait to sit in our breakfast nook with the bay window and drink coffee while looking out at the gorgeous backyard... ahhhh can't WAIT!

P.S. I know y'all are wanting to see pictures of the inside, but we're waiting until we can get before & after pictures because the seller's decor and ours is WAY different! All in due time. Until then, I'll be posting about design inspiration and decor ideas. Yay!

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