Tuesday, May 26, 2009

home inspection today!

Please pray for our home inspection this morning! Ryan can't be there because he has to work but my sweet Dad will be joining me!

Please pray that the stupid Texas foundation doesn't rear it's ugly head in our home!
Please pray that there's nothing super seriously wrong because I really don't want to walk away from this lovely home.
Please pray that if there's anything to be fixed that our seller would graciously pay for the expense (and not think about all those other offers waiting behind us)!

After this last hurdle is over, we can finally start getting REALLY excited and REALLY know that this is our home. And then the greatness of packing, utility set-up, etc. can start! :)


Adventures in Newlywed said...

Fingers crossed and prayers said! I'm sure everything will be great, the house looked immaculate :) So excited to help you pack!

Sarah Matthews said...

Hope everything goes well! The house is beautiful! I tried to leave a post a few weeks ago (not sure if it went through), but you definitely need to check out www.thisyounghouse.com. It's the blog of a couple who remodeled their home and has tons of great how-to's and lots of before and after pictures.

Good luck with everything!

Lauren and Jon said...

I hope everything goes well!!

I second the suggestion of checking our www.thisyounghouse.com. It is a great how-to blog and so fun to read!!

Roberta said...

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Home Inspection said...

Don't worry about it because nothing will happen. It's just that house inspection is really important so that you could see which part of the house you should put your money on. Also, it will improve the strength and beauty of your house.

buythebesthome said...

Hi Jen,,, I hope all things goes well,,.
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