Monday, January 5, 2009


Is it too much to ask????

For a house with:
at least 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms
an updated kitchen
a big backyard
wood floors
big closets
lots of windows
high ceilings
some CHARM?

I feel like everything I'm seeing is just cookie-cutter designs and nothing really unique. Maybe we should just build so we can get everything we want. Although, it's a little tricky that our lease is up in August because I start to feel pressured to make a decision before then! It's super expensive to pay month-to-month, but the thought of signing another year lease is kinda sad...

I just really want a house. This morning when I was waiting for my car to de-ice (another perk of apartment living with no garage) I was singing the song in my head from "Little Rascals" except the words were changed :)

I want a house
I want a house
I want a house hey hey hey hey

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