Tuesday, January 20, 2009

stating the obvious.

I'm lacking inspiration for this blog at the present time. As of January 1st, we started officially saving all of Ryan's paychecks for a house down payment, but I'm pretty sure it's going to take longer than we first thought before we can actually start looking. I want to have at least 10K more than the 20% down payment so we can use it for closing costs, odds & ends, maintenance, etc. So, needless to say... it's going to be a while regardless of how great Ryan's doing. So because of that, my inspiration is a little lacking because I know we have plenty of time to figure out what we're looking for. {And, to be honest, the layout of my new cubicle at work doesn't let me do as much blogging as I used to because people are constantly looking over my shoulder--suck!}

I have full faith that we can start the official "looking" process (meeting with realtors, talking to mortgage companies, etc.) this time next year. So this year will be a saving year. I'm okay with that. I'd much rather be smart and have the money before jumping in too quickly and struggling to meet our monthly payments. Amen?

Anyway, sorry (to the three of you who read this) for my lack of posting... Maybe soon I'll get inspired again. But right now, every house I see looks exactly the same as the others. bleh.

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Nicki and Mathis said...

if it makes you feel any better, it will be years and years before mathis and i ever get into a house. i have a feeling student loans will keep us from being homeowners for quite some time! y'all are smart to save up... hopefully you'll enjoy the time in between then! :)