Thursday, October 9, 2008

oh hello there...

Speaking of focusing on one holiday at a time, I am super intrigued by these fall accessories from West Elm. Soooo warm & cozy :)

these wood-framed lanterns are so simple and look great as a set... although wood frame? fire? probably not smart.
how cute are these acorn boxes? they'd look great on my leaning bookshelfs!
oh how i wish i had a huge dining room table to display this candelabra on! think how cute that would be with christmas-y stuff around it! maybe someday.
absolutely genious. i love this pinecone garland!!!
ohhhh i heart fall.

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Vanessa said...


You could totally create the candleabara.. just find a great old branch, and disperse some tapers/holders.. it would look fabulous!

I am planning on finding some branches for xmas, and hanging ornaments off them- for Christmas in Cambridge!