Thursday, January 7, 2010

the torture couch.

We've had this couch since I lived in my teenie tiny efficiency apartment in Las Colinas. Sooo that would be about 3.5 years. Usually couches should last a lot longer than that, but we have spent every single day (and some days up to 12 hours) on this couch.

We LIVE on this couch. We eat, we nap, we lounge, we cuddle, we spend time on the computer, we watch tv, we hang out with the pets, etc. This couch is where we spend the majority of our life at home (besides the bed).

Why we love this couch:
  • The neutral chenille hides dirt, spills and stains.
  • When you take the back cushions off, it's as wide as a twin bed (great for cuddling).
Why we are shopping for a new one:
  • Friends call it the "torture couch" because you sink so far down that it's impossible to get out.
  • Some springs have broken, so the bottom cushions are uneven.
  • You can't sit comfortably with the back cushions on. They are too poofy and make you sit up too straight.
  • It is HUGE but doesn't hold that many people (4 at most).
Basically, it has just become uncomfortable to sit in. Which isn't good when we spend so much time on the couch. We are thinking we want a sectional so we can seat more people since we entertain pretty regularly...

I like this sectional from JCP, but I'm not sure about slipcovered couches. Also, I think we need a more "living friendly" color that hides dirt. We spend a LOT of time on the couch. Any recommendations?
I also like this one from Pottery Barn, but it's twice the price, and I'm not sure that microsuede would be the best fabric for us... What do y'all think?

Couches are SO hard to shop for!!! For us, this is a MAJOR purchase, and it's very important to find the right one. Argh!

Does anyone LOVE their couch? If so, where did you find a great quality one?


Anonymous said...

Weirs!! They have so many types, colors, fabrics, and sizes of couches that will fit any budget!!! Plus if you go to the store on Knox, you can take a trip to the Highland Park Pharmacy and enjoy the BEST Diner food ever! Yummy Grilled Cheeses and barley beef soup!

You can also go to the Weirs Outlet store down the street which has more couches!!

Plus it is always nice to support a local, Christian store!

Jennifer Greever said...

I highly highly recommend our couch. I hope Rooms To Go still carries it, but I can't see it on the website. It is a little darker of a brown than you currently have, but hides stains, etc well because we have had it over two years and have nothing on it! It is also like yours in that it is deep if you take the back cushions off...but not so bad you can't sit with them on. I never want to get rid of them! We have the sofa and the oversized love seat and easily fit 7 people at a time. I don't have pictures, but it is the same couch as on this blog...

Best part of rooms to go is that it is No Payment, No Interest until 2012. So we were able to pay it off in segments instead of all at once with no penalty!

Becky said...

We got ours at Dillards and love it! We went with leather because with having a baby stuff will wipe off easy. Also-I love going to the Dump in Dallas...they always have a good selection.

Julie Isom said...

We have a microfiber couch. I love the material because it is easier to clean than expected. With the Max throw up on Christmas it cleaned right up! And it is nice to be able to take the covers off the pillows and the cushions and just throw them in the washer! Leather would be easy to clean as well! I can't wait to see what you find, I want a more comfortable couch too!

Todd said...

We love our sectional sofa as well. Came from Nebraska Furniture Mart and you could get lost among the pillows. It's upholstered and Scotchgarded to help the stains come off real easy.

My dream sectional would have been leather, but the one we have works nicely.

Dana said...

I love our couch. We just bought a new one. We got it from Big Lots. It is a Searta. It is brown, which hides stains. I understand about giving up a couch you love so much, it was really hard to give up the couch that we had when we bought our new one. It was the best, our new one is great.

Sarah Matthews said...

We just bought a new couch in October - and we went to nearly every furniture store in town! We ended up getting the 2pc amalfi sectional from Haverty's.

It's a microfiber, but there's avery slight herringbone patten in the fabric, so it has a bit more texture to it. We got the fabric protection on it, and with it came a 5 year warranty! Meaning that even if we spilled a bucket of paint on the couch, Haverty's would replace it absolutely free. And the nice thing is, each piece of the sectional has the 5-year warranty, so if something happens one year to the left side, and then another year to the right side, they will replace both.

Also, Jason spilled a full glass of red wine on our cappucino colored couch and it came right out with water! No stain, whatsover. Microfiber is supposed to be super durable with kids and pets, making it a great couch for the long haul.

Good luck!

Hapi said...

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