Friday, October 9, 2009

paint color.

So I had a thought today. What if we painted our master bedroom a rich, chocolate brown? We have white/khaki bedding, and we could add crown molding and some white curtains to lighten it up... These are some inspirations...
Mary Jane McCarty
I think our room is big enough with enough windows to not make it too claustrophobic.
Although, I'm second guessing myself and thinking it may be too dark and cave-like.


Jennifer Melson said...

Where do you get all your inspiration pictures? I love it and would love to be able to search for some inspiration of my own! :)

jrandchels said...

Our master bedroom is chocolate brown and we love it!! I think the name was "French Roast" actually. We have 5 windows, but the room is not huge. It's perfect! I vote YES!

Katie said...

I think it would look so stunning!

Lindsey said...

I think it would be GORGEOUS!!

Kelley Face said...

Definitely stay away from the red toned brown, and the dark dark dark brown. I have had a brown bedroom, and with white trim it is darling, warm, and comforting for a bedroom. I do not think it will feel like a cave at all unless you choose too dark of a shade, or have no windows.

Some light fabric curtains would also lighten it up.

Your blog is darling, I love it-thanks!